Ch-Ch-Ch Changes!

We’ve been so hard at work, in our little laboratory, evolving the SF Squared company, that we forgot to blog about it! Shame on us! Well, it’s time to get you updated on what’s new with SF Squared. Unfortunately, some big surprises will have to wait, but in the meantime lets start with the obvious ones. SF Squared, is now officially SF Squared, Inc. We’ve been so successful with teaching techniques in training, and education in our communities, we are now looking to expand our brand city wide. With this, we’ve created a brand spanking new logo, and a slogan that we think speaks to everyone, “Empowering Fitness”.

SF Squared

We believe this slogan encapsulates the feelings that we want to give you the client, every time you train with us. Our boot camp classes in Duboce Park has been still going strong for the past two years, and because we’ve always wanted to make sure training education is accessible to everyone, our boot camp class will now be featured under our Community Outreach Program. We hope to expand this program soon, to include more classes in alternative locations, and availability year round. Stay tuned for more exciting news, regarding SF Squared in the coming months, by visiting our website!