Party in Secret, and succeed in a healthier way!

We’ve often used our term ‘Partying in Secret’ around the gym… as a way to encourage healthier living. However, by saying that… it might create visions of the complete opposite, so let us explain. What we’re really saying is conserving alcohol consumption when socializing with friends. Now not all alcohol is the same… but the biggest warning to how alcohol can affect your progress when it comes to fitness, is in the sugar contained within. As well, we’re probably all very familiar of how alcohol can make us feel the next day, with dehydration and lack of nutrients it provides. So, the best thing we can do to for ourselves is try to moderate our drink consumption.  But how do we do that, without looking like the boring party pooper? The answer is… Party in Secret; Diluting alcohol, by having a glass of water for every drink we consume.

This action not only helps us moderate the amount of sugar that invariably turns to fat storage, but as well gives the body the much needed water it craves to make us healthier.  Some quick facts about alcohol… Beer contains no sugar, Wine has a moderate amount of 1gram to 1.5grams per glass… But the worst offender is always Liqueurs, which can range in grams of sugar from 20 – 30 grams per 30 ml. Adding fuel to the fat storage fire, sodas like a Coke or a Redbull can add another 20 and 27 grams of sugar respectively to a drink. Holy Sugar!!! That’s a lot!!  So, next time when you’re out with friends socializing… try to ‘Party in Secret’… with a glass of water for every drink.  Your body will thank you… and you’ll be raring to go the next day at the gym, without the hangover.