When we started brainstorming SF Squared, the vision seemed impossible. In fact, it was unlike anything that currently existed. Taking the best trainers, and the best knowledge of modern day training, means that we had to make something that wasn’t like a traditional gym at all.  In fact, it made more sense to call it a Training Facility: A place to promote health and fitness, focus on knowledgeable education, but simultaneously provide a fitness environment without intimidation.

SF Squared aims to bring the gym experience into the future, and away from an antiquated past. We’re building an engaged and supportive fitness community, empowered by state of the art equipment, knowledgeable trainers and staff, gender neutral designed locker rooms / members’ lounges, and more amenities than other gyms. We strive to make your experience at our gym, a positive one. Membership at SF Squared is more than just having a gym to train at, it is a community that wants to encourage your success in fitness and health.

We  don’t believe a membership price should be out of reach. For as low as $85/month, you can enroll in our training facility, and start living the dream! Enrollment will begin in fall of 2019.  Stay tuned for more updates on how you can be a part of ‘The Squad’ at SF Squared!