One to One

Our One-to-One program is the best way to ensure you find the right trainer for you.  All you need to do is come with the determination, and our trainers will provide the knowledgeable guidance. SF Squared conducts a thorough interview and selection process, to find independent trainers with charisma, knowledge, and talent that are taking training to a higher level of physical education. Our trainers are here to help make fitness fit your lifestyle.  Helping you make smarter decisions, regarding diet, exercise, and physical awareness, so that you not only meet your goals; you exceed them. Whether you’re training for a marathon, need to update your workout program, or want to look better in a pair of jeans, we get it!  SF Squared Trainers will provide you with all the necessary tools, and education to make your fitness dreams realized.

Finding a good trainer shouldn’t be difficult, so we make it easy.  Look through our list of trainers on this site, do a keyword search for the kind of training you would like, or talk to one of our staff.  Our staff will lead you through options of how to review and select a trainer, based on your needs and goals. They would be happy to help you, in connecting to a great trainer, and starting you on your fitness journey. If you have any questions on One-to-One, just contact us by email, or call (415) 413-3686.