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Mission Statement:

SF Squared strives to inspire confidence and knowledge to all who seek a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to provide professional and personalized fitness training, to improve lives and enhance communities.

Our Company:

The SF Squared Fitness Facility and Training Center is looking to secure our first residence at 1470 Valencia Street and will be opening gym enrollment in the fall of 2018. As the first stage of our plan to revitalize the fitness industry, this first location will be a training center for trainers and clients, as well as serve as the model for things to come. Shortly afterward, SF Squared will begin securing a location for a larger training facility and center to house training with clients, training education classes and a gender neutral gym facility. While offering a training facility with state of the art equipment, we also offer 1-1 personal training, with developing plans for massage therapists, and our own brand of fitness apparel for retail. Presently, our outreach program of ‘SF Squared Duboce Park Boot camp’, provides $10 boot camp classes to the community. It’s a great and affordable way to get people involved in being fit. We are currently developing our ‘Fitness Fund’ to meet needs of the community and offer fitness scholarships to those that qualify. We are dedicated to making sure that effective and safe training techniques are accessible to the communities we live in. For our SF Squared members, it’s more than being a part of a community, and a high-end gym…

It’s making fitness fit your lifestyle.  Helping you make smarter decisions, regarding diet, exercise, and physical awareness, so that you not only meet your goals… you exceed them. Whether you’re training for a marathon, need to update your workout program, or just want to look better in a pair of jeans, we get it… And we’ll provide you with all the necessary tools, and education to do it. That’s SF Squared! Empowering Fitness.


  • Erin saved me. I had been working on an injury, turning fifty, and suffering from some strange random virus when I learned my trainer of two years was moving away. The prospect of not being able to work out properly pitched me headlong into a depression, and in that state I set about trying to find a new trainer. After many failed attempts, I contacted Erin of Wicked Training, SF. Erin was undaunted by either my injury or my depression and immediately began conspiring to help me kick both of them in the butt. Since then, my life has turned back around. Taking my goals and needs fully into account, her hand-crafted sessions are designed individually for me and push me in all the right ways. She puts all the fabulous and varied equipment at Sessions Training Center into good use and stays by me to watch and adjust where needed. She takes my pile of physical therapy exercises into account and builds specific routines to complement them but also move beyond.  The sessions are consistently vigorous, creative, disciplined, and fun. That's right: FUN. On top of it all, she asks about my week, how active I was, and whether I was able to do my exercises. I feel like she's looking out for me and this helps keep me on track and motivated. With her, I don't feel like I'm treating an injury and in fact don't even feel injured.  When it comes time to measure progress, she helps me feel like celebrating things I never knew I could achieve.  In fact, five months after starting with Erin I had a follow up with my doctor to schedule a treatment to get a shot in my knee.  Amazingly, we canceled the shot altogether because of the progress I'd made.  Erin would tell me that this was all my doing, but I know otherwise.  I would not have achieved this, at home or in the gym, without her. Outside of Sessions, she's an all-around athlete and an award-winning runner so she is a terrific role model for living an active, kick-ass life. She's exactly the positive presence my life needed in the right place at the right time. And she's damn funny too. Particularly on dress-like-your-trainer days. I look forward to every session. And I feel so much better. - Moya

  • I LOVE WORKING OUT WITH ERIN. She's the only one I would get up for at 5am to make an early morning training session. She's a ball of energy that early in the morning & it's contagious! Spent a few months getting my back into shape, with special care around a bad knee. Since that kick start I've gone on to run 3 1/2 marathons. If you want someone who can put together a great workout with special care to who you are & what you need. Grab some time with Erin, your butt will thank you! - Stephanie

  • Coop (aka Race Cooper) filled in for my trainer when he was out sick. I was super impressed with the workout Coop came up with very little notice. And while I felt every muscle the next day, it was the good kind of sore. I highly recommend anyone who is taking an interest in fitness & personal training to try out Coop. His approach is healthy & fun, besides looking at his…8 pack is hella inspiring. - Joanna Parks

  • Superman pushups. Dragon Flags. T-toe touches. Through-the-leg V-sits. Nope, I never heard of them either. But these, and combinations of other inventive and challenging exercises using core strength, weights (both traditional weights and just plain body weight), muscle-targeting and balance have all taken inches off my waist and added them to my chest, shoulders, back, arms, butt (I finally have a butt!) and legs. This is no “get on the bench and press” workout. I am constantly moving: jumping from cardio to core-strengthening to muscle-building exercises in different combinations, that keep the heart-rate up and the sweat flying (so much sweat)! Add to the mix Coop’s infectious motivation, positive attitude and wicked sense of humor and you end up with a workout like you’ve never had before. And it feels like that every damn session because no two are ever the same. Thanks, Coop! - Brian Greenspan

  • You'll not find a better trainer in SF. We worked together for the better part of a year and Coop was able to motivate me, listen to my needs as an athlete and adapt his training methods so that I could meet MY goals for myself. During our time training together I was able to develop as a better athlete and as a better person. That's pretty win win if you ask me. HIGHLY recommended. - Christopher Maxwell Tandy

  • Coop is an amazing trainer—and not just because he’s pretty to watch. I’ve worked with a number of trainers over the last several years but Coop really surprised me. He’s got a bag of workout tricks I’ve never seen and he really challenged me in new ways. Never have I had a trainer focus so much on form and tempo—and turns out I was doing a few exercises incorrectly! Working out with Coop is a lot of fun and he’s an incredibly patient, kind and supportive trainer. You’re sure to learn a ton during each session and you’ll see results in no time. - Nick Burns

  • Erin has been my PT for two years. She has given me a whole new outlook on fitness and health. Her workouts are nothing short of a bitch, but i love it this way and she knows it!!! The convenience is amazing. This was my first spin into hiring a personal trainer - and best move i have made in the health arena in decades. - Charlie

  • Erin is a fantastic personal trainer! I wanted to get back into long distance running with the goal of completing the San Francisco Marathon this year and connecting with her has been AMAZING! She helped develop a personalized running plan that works for me and our conditioning sessions in the gym are awesome! Erin really knows how to keep the energy up, keep you moving for the duration, and sessions are never boring. She pays close attention to your movements and really knows how to get you to move your body and maximize your workout. No matter what your goal, Erin is super fun to work with, helps develop a plan that works for YOU, and gets you the results you are looking for! - John

  • I was lifting weights and working out at the age of 13. I played (albeit not very well) countless sports. Little did I realize what I was missing was a coach! Race Cooper is that coach. In one month I have seen more progress than ever before. Who knew there were pecs lurking under my furry chest?! Working with Race is about achievement. It is about understanding how your body can be properly proportioned. It is about gaining and sustaining confidence. It is about laughing and feeling good. I smile when I come to my work out. I smile (and ache) when I leave. I could not ask for a better outcome. - Jeremy Hollister

  • My story is the same as most: I tried gym memberships, boot camps, classes, etc. I could never stick to anything. I never got excited about working out. But then... ERIN! The first time I talked to Erin, I described a time in college when I actually enjoyed exercise. Since then, Erin has made every effort to recreate workouts that remind me of when I loved working out. I get excited to workout with Erin. Spoiler alert: she's fun! She's always smiling. And it's not that fake trainer motivation smile. I actually LAUGH during workouts! Sessions with Erin are always interesting, never monotonous. I never thought I would be someone who missed working out- but I miss workouts with E when I'm out of town. Her schedule is accessible and she is always easy to get in touch with. She is meticulously professional and incredibly understanding. Commitment and consistency were the biggest obstacles for me but Erin has made it so much less painful. Erin is definitely worth every second and every penny I've spent. Feeling this much better physically and mentally is priceless. - Sydney

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  • Joanna Parks
  • Brian Greenspan
  • Christopher Maxwell Tandy
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Our Staff:

Race Cooper: Owner and General Manager

Over 20 years experience in sport specific training and fitness training NCCP Certified Gymnastics Coach (Level 1) NASM Certified Personal Trainer / Nutritionist teaching body sculpting techniques sport specific training in running/jogging, gymnastics, aikido, boxing, wrestling, snowboarding focus on core, posture, and alignment of body for safe and effective exercises