SF Squared Transformation: Matt Fuller

Although we’ve had a number of transformations over the years, it’s rare to have one as well documented as Matt Fuller’s. Matt has always been athletic, and at 41 years old, enjoys running and participating in yoga classes. However, he was looking for ways to push his body further, and attain the six pack he’s always wanted. With some coaching

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SF Squared Transformation: Julia Poetain

Transformation stories like Julia’s make us feel all tingly inside. Because her story is more than the physical transformation on the outside, but in the confidence building that changes the inside too. When Julia first came to SF Squared for personal training, she admitted that she was recovering from a past relationship, and wanted to tone up and feel more

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Breathing 101: Exercise, Exertion and Exhaling

Working out hard can take your breath away, but it doesn’t have to. When you learn proper breathing while exercising, not only do you not feel as fatigued, but it can additionally help you burn more fat! When you’re not conscious of your breathing, it’s easy for the breathing pattern to become erratic as you exercise. A simple weighted move,

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Ch-Ch-Ch Changes!

We’ve been so hard at work, in our little laboratory, evolving the SF Squared company, that we forgot to blog about it! Shame on us! Well, it’s time to get you updated on what’s new with SF Squared. Unfortunately, some big surprises will have to wait, but in the meantime lets start with the obvious ones. SF Squared, is now

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SF Squared Transformation: Cole Ryan

At SF Squared, we are constantly fitness inspired by many things. Outdoor activities, sports competition, and acrobatics, are just some of the activities that can serve as creative catalysts for some interesting new exercises.  But nothing inspires us more, than the effort and dedication put forth by our clients. You can’t help but notice SF Squared client, Cole Ryan, and

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SF Squared Transformation: Chris Lew

When Chris joined SF Squared, he was interested in losing a lot of weight fast. Which isn’t that unusual, but it is interesting that the reason was because of an office work pool to see who could lose the most weight. From his beginnings of weighing in at 178 lbs on February 1st, he has lost a total of 22

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New SF Squared Bootcamp in Duboce Triangle!

Time to get your fitness on in new and exciting ways for 2015! SF Squared now offers a bootcamp class Saturday mornings in Duboce Triangle, nearby to our promotional gym Alex Fitness, and the historic Castro neighborhood! Instructed with a mixture of calisthenics, body weight exercises, jogging, and core exercises, you’re sure to feel the burn. All while being social

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The Importance of Posture

A constant conversation that SF Squared clients have with their trainer/coach is the importance of posture. Not only is bad posture often directly related to many issues with back pain, it also gives the impression to others of poor health and lack of confidence. For us, it’s not surprising why we make it an integral part in building a great

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Bay Area Reporter Article: The Amazing Race

Bay Area Reporter journalist Cornelius Washington interviews Race Cooper. ‘If you’re thinking when you go to the gym, “If I could just get that perfect combination of exercise, in the correct sequence, at the optimum pace, with the structured advice, I know that I’ll get the results that will make me look and feel the way I’ve always wanted.” ‘

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