SF Squared Transformation: Julia Poetain


Transformation stories like Julia’s make us feel all tingly inside. Because her story is more than the physical transformation on the outside, but in the confidence building that changes the inside too. When Julia first came to SF Squared for personal training, she admitted that she was recovering from a past relationship, and wanted to tone up and feel better about herself. With encouragement and training from Race Cooper, she found the physical coaching she needed. With a mixture of cardio, strength training, and kickboxing, Julia slowly transformed into the warrior goddess she is today. “Not only does he coach me through his (grueling yet awesome) workouts, he motivates me and builds my confidence to want to continue working towards becoming the best version of myself.”, says Poetain of coach Cooper.  Julia’s testimony is the honey in our sweet tea, reminding us of the power of training education, and personal connection. We want all of our clients to have a feeling of empowerment, and put them on the path of being the best versions of themselves. For more information on personal training, and inspiring transformations, visit our site at getsfsquared.com!